Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sacred Rose® Alchemy Elixirs

Desert Rose® Flower Crystal Elixir

Flower and Gem Elixirs are meta-planetary tools of an alchemical healing system.

This alchemical technology of flower and crystal elixirs was prescribed by ascended healers of enlightened societies.

Flowers interface with human consciousness though aroma, taste and aesthetic pleasure.

Crystals are transmitters, receivers and amplifiers of energy. The entire Universe is based on a crystalline structure in which all forms of life participate. This pattern of participation is our interconnectivity to a living grid based on a Sacred Geometry. The human biology is an electromagnetic, carbon based, liquid crystalline form. The transmission of light from the collective consciousness of fatherhood enters through the crown chakra and reflects off the crystalline structure in the pineal gland. If receptive, this enables the entire circuitry of the brain to absorb light and become enlightened.

Desert Rose® assists to open the divine seed of peace and heal past distortions of power that manifested as aggression and violence which have been encoded in men.

Desert Rose® Flower Crystal Elixir clears aggression and violent memories in the paternal lineage. The essence of Desert Rose® facilitates peaceful thought patterns.

“My star seed is Peace ”